Learn how KÄÄPÄ Mushrooms work

How we produce the products and the ingredients behind our extracts.

Learn about UAE extraction and mushroom fruiting bodies.
Where we grow our mushrooms, manufacture & pack.
Where our Chaga grows.

Where do your mushrooms come from?

Our mushrooms are grown in Finland, the land with the cleanest waters and purest air according to UNESCO. Finland also has the world’s largest area of ​​organically certified forest, which is 11.6 million hectares in size. What’s a more perfect place to grow mushrooms than that?

Our fungi strains are carefully selected to grow mushrooms which yield the greatest amounts of the compounds of interest. The mushrooms are inoculated on sustainable birch substrate sourced from Finnish FSC and PEFC certified forests.

Everything starts from the lab

Everything begins from mycelium on a petri dish. We have a strain library containing a variety of species. The mushroom mycelium is grown on a petri dish, and then when it is ready, that mycelium graduates to spawn. Once myceliated spawn is ready, it is inoculated on our growing substrate. The whole process from a fresh petri dish to mushroom harvest takes around 6-8 weeks, depending on the mushroom species.

Growing mushrooms

The mushrooms grow in carefully regulated growing conditions and produce the most vital mushroom ‘fruiting bodies’. The fruiting body is the most potent part of the mushroom, rich in the compounds of interest. We use only mushroom fruiting bodies in our tinctures. 


The ground mushroom fruiting bodies are placed into the ultrasonic assisted extraction (UAE) equipment. We use UAE technology to produce high yields of bioavailable compounds. Each fungi has a unique and different method of extraction as the compounds of interest are different. Our extraction process ensures that the compounds of interest are bioavailable for your use.

3rd party quality control

We are science nerds and we geek out about developing the most potent and pure dual extracted mushroom liquid extracts. Samples are sent to a 3rd party laboratory for bioactive compound levels as well as microbiological and heavy metal testing. We are standardising our new recipes and will publish beta glucans / CoAs data in the near future.

Packaging and delivery

Our pure and potent KÄÄPÄ Mushrooms extract products are shipped around the world. As individuals and as a company we believe in striving to create a more sustainable future. We feel the responsibility that a lot of the world seems to be ignoring. Change starts with each and everyone of us singularly. You, as an individual, can make a difference too with your consuming choices!

With love from Finland

We wish you good health and well-being. Enjoy your mushroom extracts!