Mushroom extracts from Finland with 🖤.

Enjoy our 100% organic, locally grown functional mushroom extracts.

We believe that mushrooms have unforeseen potential in balancing out daily lives both for humans and the ecosystem. Our aim is to reconnect people with fungi.




-Biohack yourself!

-Boost your day with our Biohackers special collection.
Take our mushroom tinctures straight under the tongue or drop it in your morning drink to start the day, after lunch or before bedtime, depending on how you feel. Our mission is to change your daily routine for the better.


100% organic, fully grown and produced in Finland.

Our products are grown and produced 100% in Finland with the cleanest ingredients <3.

  • Shiitake tincture

    20,00 28,00 
  • Lion’s Mane tincture

    28,00 38,00 
  • Chaga tincture

    20,00 28,00 
  • Reishi tincture

    24,00 32,00 

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Read what our customers are saying

I have experienced all the extracts made by KÄÄPÄ for nearly a year now. I mostly use a combination of shiitake, maitake and reishi. Shiitake and Maitake in the morning and during the day with coffee or puer tea. Reishi in the evening with herbal tea. I have used these extracts to improve my physical as well as psychical well being. I feel they have contributed to preserve my general health. So I keep using them with regularity. I believe regularity is very important and the KÄÄPÄ bottles are very handy for everyday use.

PatKääpäs products

I love Shiitake! Liikkumisen jälkeinen väsymys on huomattavasti vähäisempää ja tunnen itteni terveemmäksi


Morning from Belgium here! Just a small note to let you know I ve been using your products for half a year now and I am so happy I found KAAPA! The impact on my system is awesome,I feel strong,grounded and connected. Thank you for the small note on the card with my last purchase,much appreciated.

StephanieLove from Belgium

I have tried multiple mushroom extracts from a variety of different companies and I have to say that nothing has come to match the quality and effectiveness I have experienced/felt by using Kaapa Health Lion's Mane extract. I absolutely love it! I use it daily, usually in the afternoon when I need a brain boost and to clear my mind. It helps me get in a great flow state and allows me to get my work done efficiently and effectively.

ChristopherMy experience with the Lion's Mane extract
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