Our chaga powder is

honest potent standardized


Chaga (Inonotus obliquus) is one of the strongest and one of the most highly valued functional mushrooms. Our chaga is wild-harvested in Lapland, Finland.


“I Love this product. Thank you KM for listening and launching a powder that is easily mixed with anything! TINA”

What is Chaga powder for and how to use it?

Flow through every day with KÄÄPÄ Mushrooms organic Chaga Extract Powder.

The Chaga Extract Powder blends really smoothly in your favourite hot or cold drinks. Add half a teaspoon, mix and enjoy!

Our Chaga Extract Powder contains a minimum of 10% beta-glucans. Recent studies show that the further north chaga grows, the higher its beta-glucan levels are. This is why we harvest our chaga from the pure, organic collection areas in Finnish Lapland.

We guarantee full transparency and traceability for our Chaga Extract Powder from spore to extract. Our mushrooms are grown and processed 100% in Finland.

This product is produced with industry-leading ultrasonic-assisted extraction (UAE) technology for the bioavailability of the compounds of interest.

We use 100% mushroom fruiting bodies – nothing else. No myceliated grains. This is an honest mushroom product. Read more about why all of this matters here.

Our potent Chaga Extract Powder contains 10 % beta-glucans.
This is an organic certified, premium quality mushroom product.
Mix into a hot or cold drink or your favorite smoothie. Enjoy!
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