Our packaging and ecological responsibility

The first recorded finding of plastic littering the ocean dates back to as far as 1965, and the impact plastic has upon our ecosystem has been apparent for over half a century. We have now run out of excuses to ignore this. Globally, we have produced trillions of tons of plastic in the last decades, almost half of which is single-use. Plastic packaging is extremely wasteful and impacts earth’s ecosystems, on which we depend.

At KÄÄPÄ Mushrooms it is our priority to work harmoniously with the environment. We are extremely conscious how every single action around our products impacts the world we live in.

This is why we find it important to invest in alternative product and packaging materials, and work directly with suppliers and distributors that share our values. We are continuously doing our best in our contribution to one of the world’s biggest challenges.

Our violet glass bottles ensure optimal preservation

In our tincture bottles we use Miron glass violet bottles, a unique scientifically researched type of glass packaging known as biophotonic. Miron glass also filters out harmful rays while filtering in infrared, ultraviolet and violet lights, which prolongs the shelf life and efficacy of the product. Due to a particular mix of minerals present inside the Miron glass, this bottle also ensures optimal preservation of the nutrients.

” You too can make a difference “

As individuals and as a company we believe in striving to create a more sustainable future. We feel the responsibility that a lot of the world seems to be ignoring. Change starts with each and everyone of us singularly. You, as an individual, can make a difference too with your consuming choices!