Our products are made from mushroom fruiting bodies only

What is a fruiting body? The fruiting body is the mushroom itself.

What is mycelium? You could compare mycelium to the root system of a tree.

Honest mushroom products are made from mushroom fruiting bodies, which are rich in the compounds of interest present in mushrooms. 

Note: Myceliated grain products are also available on the market. They contain mainly starch from grains and only minimal amounts of active compounds. These are rather food products than nutritional supplements. Although some of these products are marketed as mushroom supplements, they lack many of the beneficial compounds.

Extraction ensures the bioavailability of the compounds of interest

We utilise an industry-leading ultrasonic assisted extraction (UAE) method, which breaks the hard chitin cell walls of mushrooms and releases active compounds for utilisation by the human body.

Without an extraction process, several of the compounds of interest found in mushrooms are not absorbed and they pass straight through the digestive system untapped.

The mushrooms grown in Finland are the purest in the world

Finland has the cleanest air and water in the world, as well as the world’s largest area (11.6 million hectares) of ​​organically certified forest. The mushrooms used for KÄÄPÄ Mushrooms products grow in Finland, in sustainable Finnish birch substrate.

Our mushrooms are organic and they grow in the most optimal indoor conditions which mimic the best natural growing conditions for medicinal mushrooms and the development of the highest potency of the compounds of interest.