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What is Chaga tincture?

Chaga (Inonotus obliquus) is one of the most well-known and highly valued functional mushrooms. Our chaga is wild-harvested in Lapland, Finland.

Our favourite way to enjoy chaga tincture is to start our day with it in the morning. A pipette’s full straight under the tongue or added to coffee, tea or smoothie.

To make our potent, organic chaga tincture, we only the fruiting bodies of the mushrooms, no mycelium. It is extracted with ultrasonic assisted extraction (UAE) technology, as well as alcohol and hot water. With this innovative extraction method our aim is to maximise the bioavailability of the compounds of interest found in chaga.

Read more about the importance of using mushroom fruiting bodies in mushroom extracts as well as our industry-leading UAE extraction here.

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We like to add a pipette’s full of chaga tincture to our morning coffee, tea or smoothie. Adding mushrooms in your morning routine this way is such a simple trick to upgrade the start of your day!
Chaga mushrooms have been an important part of Nordic folk medicine traditions for centuries.
Our chaga is wild foraged from the Finnish Lapland’s certified organic forests.
In Finland chaga was used as a coffee substitute during World War II when coffee was scarce.
Compounds of interest: Betulinic acids, Inotodiol, Melanin, (1-3)(1-6)Beta-d-Glucans as well as many vitamins and minerals.

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